[Black Friday] Get all products 50% off or more

[Black Friday] Get all products 50% off or more


As you head off for your Thanksgiving holiday (and even if
you’re staying home), I have something for you to keep in

This Friday, better know through the shopping world as
Black Friday, my friends over at LearnCamtasia.com are
having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

All products are 50%-75% off!

I’ve know Lon and Michelle for a long time, and have really enjoyed
all of the video tips and tricks they have shared with me…

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn how to create training
and marketing videos with Camtasia or PowerPoint and then
start using these skills right away in 2017?

Head over to their special sales page at
and pick your product(s).

All discounts are shown when you
click the “Buy” button.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving,
Jeff Davis


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