9 year old makes app using Zapable?

DID YOU KNOW  that 57% of consumers use mobile/tablets to buy?

Do you own a Blog, Fanpage, Tumblr, Blogger or Instagram?

Are you fed up trying to get people to subscribe to your email list, like your fanpage, follow you on twitter…

Want to know a better way?


Imagine you could contact your subscribers INSTANTLY to their
mobile phone or tablet?

Yes you heard right….

INSTANTLY to their smart phone or tablet…

Want to know how?

Mobile Apps…

The next generation of marketing has arrived…

Did you know over 86% of people use their mobile devices to search
the web… and over “Black Friday” & “Cyber Monday” over 57% of people
used their smartphones or tablets to make purchases online…

Having your own mobile app allows you to communicate instantly with everyone
who has installed your app with quite literally the push of button…

The BEST part is you can get started right now…

No coding skills, no experience, no hiring programmers,…

Right now you can build a mobile app for iPhone and Android in minutes…



Using Zapable

A world leading app builder that has transformed the way mobile apps are built with its easy to use interface….



You, me, your mom or even your grandpa and even one of Zapable customers 9 year old daughters is using Zapable to build a mobile app within minutes…

Your mobile app can have
– Podcasts
– Videos
– Articles
– Fanpages
– Twitter
– Flickr
– Instagram
– Amazon stores
– E-commerce stores
– iTunes stores
– Promote your music
– Newsletter forms
And a whole lot more….

You can see Zapable in ACTION for yourself by going here

YES – You can see the exact process in REAL TIME… prepare to be blown away

Talk Soon,
Jeff Davis

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[Free Training] PowerPoint – Your secret video weapon!


Hi, it’s Jeff Davis.

You know there are a lot of exciting things going on in
marketing today; Social Media, Mobile Reach, just to
name a couple, but the one that started it all and that
continues to dominate today is online video.

When it comes to creating exciting videos, there is one
tool that literally every top marketer already owns but
has always underestimated.

That tool is PowerPoint.

You don’t need expensive graphics software to create
amazing videos. And you can use it for creating videos
for just about every aspect of your business from
landing pages to sales to creating products.

No camera needed – no complex lighting – no difficult

With PowerPoint alone or combined with Camtasia or
other video editing software, you can quickly and easily
create compelling and highly effective video content like
the pros use.

In fact, you’ve probably seen hundreds of these videos
on the internet and never knew how quickly you could
make them yourself.

And the best way to get really great at learning how to
use it is to learn from the best. In fact, my friends Lon
Naylor and Michelle Schoen have helped hundreds of
folks, just like you, crank out videos that will knock
your socks off and get real results.

Next Tuesday (August 30th) I’d like to invite you to
a webinar at 8:00 pm EDT called:

“The Ultimate PowerPoint Video Hacks”

You’ll get to see:

  • PowerPoint swipe files for creating awesome
    slides fast!
  • 3 simple PowerPoint “speed” hacks you
    probably don’t know
  • Some video worthy “Before and After”
  • PowerPoint slide makeovers
  • How to turn 10 ugly slides into 30 gorgeous,
    engaging slides to keep your viewer’s attention

Michelle Schoen and Lon Naylor of Learn Camtasia
will introduce you to some powerful techniques that you
can immediately apply to get videos up and running with
PowerPoint alone. No additional software needed.

Register now:

Jeff Davis


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