Its an Email Autoresponder…but for MOBILE!

TextDeliver is now LIVE…

Charter accounts at a ONE-TIME investment
are available for a short time:


TextDeliver is a complete SMS/Text
Messaging platform.

With TextDeliver, you can have access to
the features we love in Email Autoresponders
BUT for SMS (and 100x better results):

[+] Unlimited Subscribers: Create unlimited
contact lists & add as many subscribers as
you like.

[+] List Management: Easily segment your
subscribers into different targeted lists.

[+] Automated Subscribe/Unsubscribe: Be
100% compliant without having to do any of
the work yourself, automatically adding STOP
and HELP messages where required.

[+] Keyword Shortcodes: Allow people to
text a specific message to a shortcode
number in order to subscribe and receive a
coupon code, hyperlink, or message.

[+] Timezone Detection: Text Deliver will
automatically detect the subscribers
location and avoid texting between the hours
of 9pm and 8am so your messages get through
for maximum benefit.

[+] One-Click Broadcasts: Send out one-off
SMS blasts to one or multiple lists.

[+] Message Sequences: Send out automated
SMS sequence, just like a regular
autoresponder so that your subscribers
receive timed messages.

[+] Inbox Management: Manage your text
message conversations with subscribers
similar to an email inbox, sending to their
phone and receiving messages in the easy to
use admin area.

[+] Integrations: Integrate with your
favourite text-message delivery service like
Twilio, CallRail, CallFire and many more.

==> Watch a demo here:

For a limited time you can get Charter
Access to TextDeliver, which means:

– Manage Unlimited Subscribers

– Manage Unlimited Lists

– No Monthly/Annual Costs


To your success,
Jeff Davis


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