We all want to look better, right?

Fat Burning: A Different Approach

No more cardio? Well, not quite—but if
you train with weights correctly, you won’t
need to visit that boring treadmill quite
as often to keep your abs sharp.


And I’m not talking about interval cardio,
although the weight-training method
I’ve been preaching has an HIIT feel to it. T

hat’s the F4X method, (featured in Old School New Body)
which is moderate-weight, high-fatigue training
with short rests between sets.

It burns more fat and pumps up your
muscles like crazy too.

Here’s the drill:

You take a weight with which you can
get 15 reps, but you only do 10;
rest 30 seconds, then do it again—and
so on for four sets.

On the fourth set, you go to failure,
and if you get 10 reps, you increase
the weight on the exercise at your next

Notice how those sets are like intervals
with short breaks between—you can even
pace between sets to burn extra calories,
but there’s more.

Fat-burning pathway 1:

While that training style does great
things for muscle growth, via myofibrillar
and sarcoplasmic expansion, you also get
loads of muscle burn.

That lactic acid pooling has a spiking
effect on your growth hormone output—and
GH is a potent fat burner.

Fire up muscle burning to get your GH
churning. (GH also amplifies other
anabolic hormones, so it effects both
muscle and rippedness.)

Fat-burning pathway 2:

If you do the reps correctly on every
set, you’ll also get myofibrillar trauma.
The myofibrils are the force-generating
strands in muscle fibers.

By “damaging” them with slower,
controlled negative strokes, you
force the need for extra energy
during recovery.

In other words, your body runs
hotter while you’re out of the
gym as it revs to repair the microtears.

To attain that extra fat-burning
trauma, use one-second positives
and three-second negatives on all
10 reps of all four sets.

On a bench press that’s one second
up and three seconds down.

It’s the slow lowering that will
produce the metabolic momentum
after your workout. (That rep speed
will also give you 40 seconds of
tension time on every set, an
ideal hypertrophic TUT.)

Fat-burning pathway 3:

Now if you really want to get
some blubber-busting microtrauma,
try your last set of a F4X sequence
in X-centric style.

That’s one-second positives and
six-second negatives. You may have
to reduce the weight, but it will be
worth it.

Try for eight of those, 56 seconds of
tension time, and you should feel the
results the next day. Your muscles will
be aching, but it’s a good indication
that fat is baking.

F4X for a GH surge, slower negatives
for fat-burning micro trauma and
X-centric for even more time under
tension and fat extinction.

It all adds up to faster leanness
with less meanness—because you’ll
need less cardio.

Prepare for acid-etched abs!


Even as you age this system works,
in fact it is the closest thing we
have to the fountain of youth.

Stay tuned, train smart and be Built for Life.

Steve Holman

Editor in Chief Iron Man Magazine and
co-creator of the Old School New Body program




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