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[Free Training] PowerPoint – Your Secret Video Weapon!

Hi  Friend,

You know there are a lot of exciting things going on
in marketing today: Social Media, Mobile Reach, just
to name a couple, but the one that started it all and
that continues to dominate today is online video.

When it comes to creating exciting videos, there is one
tool that literally every top marketer already owns but
has always underestimated.

That tool is PowerPoint.

You don’t need expensive graphics software to create
amazing videos. And you can use it for creating videos
for just about every aspect of your business from landing
pages to sales to creating products.

No camera needed – no complex lighting – no difficult

With PowerPoint alone or combined with Camtasia (or
other video editing software), you can quickly and easily
create compelling and highly effective video content like
the pros use.

In fact, you’ve probably seen hundreds of these videos
on the internet and never knew how quickly you could
make them yourself.

And the best way to get really great at learning how to
use it is to learn from the best. In fact, my friends Lon
Naylor and Michelle Schoen have helped hureds of
folks, just like you, crank out videos that will knock
your socks off and get real results.

Next Wednesday April 19th, I’d like to invite you to a webinar at 8:00 pm EDT called:

Quick and Easy Killer Videos Using PowerPoint

Michelle Schoen and Lon Naylor of Learn Camtasia
will introduce you to some powerful techniques that you
can immediately apply to get videos up and running with
PowerPoint alone. No additional software needed.

Register now:

Jeff Davis


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