Your WordPress blog can do this? WTH!

Dear Friend,

Jeff Davis here, and I’ve been super busy configuring my
new computer setup, and I haven’t had time to blog, but
I’m back stronger than ever…

If you like using WordPress, then you’ll love
the resource that I just came across:

Many people have tried to turn WordPress into
a membership site but in the past it’s been
quite tricky.

There are some fabulous plugins out there but
you had to “tweak this” and “tweak that” and
if you aren’t technical, it becomes very

That’s why I was very excited when I saw
WishList Member.

It’s a membership solution that was
specifically built for WordPress.

The best part is, it has all the features you
would want in a membership solution AND it is
compatible with all of your other favorite

So you get the best of both worlds 🙂

Plus, they’ve added some very cool features
to make running and managing a membership
site a whole lot easier.

Like I said, if you like using WordPress,
then you’ll love WishList Member.

Jeff Davis CEO

P.S. Even the mighty Jeff Johnson says this works great!

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I love free valuable content, don’t you?

Hey friend,

Ever wondered what you could learn by
interviewing the creators of some of
the top social networking websites on
the internet?

I mean seriously, social networking
websites are typically free for the
user, however, these creators are
dealing with some serious cash flow…

Hollis Carter and Marc Horne have
interviewed the CEO’s of some of the
top social networking websites on
the internet…

More importantly, watch the people’s
reaction on Hollis and Marc, and what
they think of these two upstarts…

This is really powerful stuff…

Go watch this as soon as possible…

Jeff Davis

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