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Hi Friend,

Jeff Davis Top Gun Copywriter here, and I have
something wonderful to share today!

The lifeblood of any website is traffic.

I’m sure you pretty much know that by now.

The question on every marketer’s mind,
from novice to expert is not ‘why’ but ‘how’
to actually channel tons of targeted, massive
traffic to their sites.

Of course there are the usual ways that the
seasoned marketers talk about, e.g article
marketing, blog comment and backlinks,
which are all free, but the pain is found in
the hours of effort put in to write articles,
create blogposts, and write constructive
comments for other blogs.

Many have also tried forum postings, but
the moderators of forums tend to be
unreasonable or have political agendas on
their minds so they may not accept your

And that’s where a social network site like
twitter comes in. Mind you, twitter is rather
different from the rest of such social network
sites thanks to it’s tweets.

These are catchy messages limited to 140
characters which allows you to focus on short,
sharp and eye grabbing headlines.

So imagine if you could get the attention of
hundreds of people with one post, wouldn’t
that be much faster than blogging or article

I think you’re getting the idea, but be creative,
because there are tons of ways to leverage
on this amazing social network site.

Do us both a favor, and check this out right now!

To your success,

Jeff Davis CEO

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Ask Jeff Davis Blog Comes Alive!

Hi Friend,

Jeff Davis Top Gun Copywriter here, and I’m
proud to announce the birth of my new blog!


This blog will be a more personal blog, I will
be sharing more personal details in this

I have been having the best summer of my
life, it’s been wonderful…

I’ll be adding several more blogs to my
blog army, in the very near future.

Talk soon,

Jeff Davis CEO

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