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Tick tock – Your 75% Discount Expires today…

Tick tock – Your 75% Discount Expires today…

This is getting down to the wire..

If you want to get a tool that will simulate 1000’s of viewers to ANY pre recorded video then you need this now.

The 75% Discount coupon code expires midnight


This is a REAL Deadline.

Imagine there was a way to literally 30X your FB Video
Views and we could prove it?

100,000’s of targeted video views from one of the most
engaging platforms on the planet…

Well, we’ve discovered a tool that will let you upload
pre recorded videos BUT they look LIVE on FB!

…And you set the amount of likes, hearts, LIVE viewer
count which makes them go crazy viral

Check it out here now
When you’ve pre-recorded your own FB Video, with Auto
Emulate Live you can:

– Set the amount of viewers to appear when you want them

– Pre Load the amount of likes/hearts the video gets

– Create your own Personal, ‘Call To Action’ Headlines

(And we give you loads of ready made ones)

– Manage the Video Timeline, Viewers Count and Likes appear
when you want them

 – Export everything in MP4 format

And at midnight EST the 75% Discount Expires.

Go now and use the code 75DISCOUNT

And your fully backed up by 30 day money back guarantee.

All the best,
Jeff Davis

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DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 is launching

Dear Friend,


Did you know that Facebook are about to
‘drop the hammer’ in 2016?

..And if you are not protected you are
going to be caught in the

Paid traffic is about to undergo a major
change and if you don’t
stay ahead of the game then you are BUSTED!

In 2015 there was an underground
‘blueprint’ that helped..

– 40 People are Generating $10,000 – $100k
a year

– 21 people are generating $100k+ a year

– Over 4 people are making $1 Million a Year

All the details can be found here:


In fact – there are tons of success stories
on the page.. regular
people NOT big corporations making a very
successful living online

“$173,282.58 since June 2014” – Chris Hughes

“$250k a month revenues” – Sambo

And how are they doing it?

Driving traffic to CPA offers – following a
proven blueprint…

“DNA Wealth Blueprint” to be exact…


The program is created by Peter Parks and
Andrew Fox – two of the highest
profile names online. Their slogan is

“They bleed for their customers”

Because this is one of the most in depth
training courses ‘battle tested’
available online.

Check out their case studies here and
decide what you think.


2016 is going to be a massive year – will
you be on the winning side?

All the best,
Jeff Davis

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