Your May’s Good Deed – REWARDED!

Hey Friend,

Honestly, I don’t like handing out money to ‘help’ people in need. I’ve always felt it does more harm than good.

But when you’re able to EMPOWER and give them TOOLS they can use to improve their own lives..

..that’s when the MAGIC happens!

This is why I LOVE what my friend Anik Signal is doing:

Check it out!

He’s partnered up with Village Enterprise, an awesome organization that takes villages in East Africa and pulls them out of extreme poverty, one by one..

..through the power of ENTREPRENEURSHIP!

They come in to train, fund and accelerate new 50 ‘micro-businesses’ per project. This strategy has been proven to raise the living standard of 1,000 people by over 40%!

The BEST news?

Anik is rewarding every $5 contribution with 3 of his BEST mindset and online business programs – over 2,000 USD worth of value!

Help Lift A Village Out Of Poverty And Get Your 3 GIFTS!

Plus, you’re getting week by week coaching directly with Anik Singal. He’s generated over 120M in online sales, so I’d say he’s someone worth listening too!

Your 5 USD contribution goes DIRECTLY to this cause so this is your perfect opportunity to TRULY help people in need (not just give them handouts)..

..and get top-notch training from one of the best in the industry as a THANK YOU gift!

Help Lift A Village Out Of Poverty And Get Your 3 GIFTS!

Go get it,

Jeff Davis

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