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10/21/12 Update:

Jeff Davis Local Search Expert

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Just created my personal voicemail page on @speakpipe Send me a voice message!

Its also on the right side, just press SEND VOICEMAIL and talk!

In this tough business environment, it’s becoming increasingly harder

to get new clients, much less promote your business effectively….

The real truth is that you should be doing what you do best…

taking care of your customers, and providing outstanding service.

Not spreading yourself so thin, so that you are exhausted, and

frustrated by poor results…

Let us get down to business…

We all know the yellow pages are dead…

Everyone shops by smart phone now…

Which does what?

It accesses the internet for information on
how to find your business!

Your business needs to be live on the internet!

If your business doesn’t have a website, you are

INVISIBLE…(not good)

You need a website!

You need the RIGHT KIND of website…

You need YOUR BUSINESS listed on Google Maps…

You need specialized software to run that website…

You need specialized software to collect your leads…

You need time to learn HOW to run all that software…

You could build a website, but who’s going to program it,

and keep adding content, maintaining your ranking?



you could just have it all done for you!

Introducing Jeff Davis Local Search Expert

I specialize in lead generation.

Claim Your Site Today!


Here’s what you’ll get in the SEO Setup Package

  • custom email account
  • custom domain
  • custom hosting account
  • custom blog installed
  • custom SEO software installed
  • custom drip feed software installed
  • custom Google Maps Business listing
    $1000 ONE TIME FEE 


    Here’s what you get in the

    Monthly Marketing Maintenance Plan

  • custom theme installed
  • custom auto-responder/lead capture account
  • custom backlink engine plugin installed
  • custom content added the right way
  • custom social bookmarking plugin installed
  • custom tagging plugin installed
  • custom video plugin installed
  • custom audio plugin installed
  • custom squeeze page installed
  • custom facebook account created
  • custom twitter account created
  • custom youtube account created
  • custom linkedin account created
  • custom helpdesk installed
  • custom press release
    $1000 @ MONTH 

    This service will…

  • Save your precious time
  • Build your client list
  • Get your business massive exposure
  • CRUSH your competition!
  • Get more leads, make more sales…$$$

I’m always available, just submit a ticket,

and get your questions answered:




12/29/10 the lodge in lancaster video update

I’m very happy to report that we are on page one at google!

I have a very happy client on my hands…

Plus the local media picked up this story as well…

as documented on the blog…

So, the media is going wild for this story…

we love it when that happens…

PROOF 12/29/10

the lodge in lancaster google search results

1/6/11 More Proof That Local Search Marketing Works

Here’s the deal, the real estate deal was just closed, and I

created the site, and we are already getting opt-ins, and

leads from the website!


First Lead For The Lodge In Lancaster

1/29/11 More Proof That Local Search Marketing Works

I just want to show you more proof that we generate leads…

Jeff Davis Local Search Expert


There is rock solid evidence that I can help your business…

Call 402-720-7375 to get your site set up today!

2/7/11 New Reports

Grab these brand new reports today!

Just click on the icons below….pdf format

Email Marketing


Google Places Report


I hope the information contained will help your business!


2/9/11 The Lodge In Lancaster Arrives on Google Maps!!
the lodge in lancaster ohio google map


Now Imagine Your Site On Google Places…

2/28/11 New Lead Reports

proof that tweeple love this site…

Now wouldn’t YOU love to have a custom website bringing
you eager customers to your door, wallets in hand, who
can’t wait to do business with YOU??


lodge in lancaster qr

imagine your business local mobile ready!

Just look at what John had to say about his site…

Happy Client

Happy Client

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