It has long been recognized that light affects people's mood and ability to work, whereas light deprivation leads to feelings of exhaustion and fatigue. All psychological, physiological and biological functions are controlled by a biological clock, which in turn is regulated by exposure to daylight. It has recently been discovered that special receptors in the retina of the eye respond exclusively to blue light and transmit electrical impulses via nerve fibres to the circadian clock in the suprachiasmatic nuclei of the hypothalamus in the diencephalon. Medical and psychological studies by many different hospitals have demonstrated that in about two thirds of these cases the patient's general well-being can be significantly improved through light therapy. This therapy has also produced effective results in the treatment of cyclically recurring pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and even in the treatment of eating disorders (Bulimia nervosa). Not surprisingly, it has also been established that healthy people also feel better after undergoing light therapy. Blue Light Mobile uses blue light. This light requires only a fraction of the energy in order to achieve the same effect. This has been proven in comparative studies conducted at the University Hospital of the Humboldt University, Berlin – Charite Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy headed by Prof. Uebelhack. The Blue Light Mobile gives the user complete freedom of movement – even if wearing spectacles. His/her field of view is hardly restricted at all, so that he/she is able to continue with his/her normal activities, such as working, reading, exercising or using the computer (DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING). Apply the Blue Light Mobile as follows: first place the centre-piece over your nose and then position the ear-pieces from above so that the LED radiation reaches the eyes obliquely from above.

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